In Pieces (2018) – Sally Field

Hello there readers of Mr Pink Ink I hope you are all doing well (as well as can be expected during these trying times). I have a little book review for you here. It is the great Sally Field's memoir and its brilliant and eye-opening, and makes you want to go out and watch a... Continue Reading →

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Hello there Pink Inkers! Once again i must apologize for being less than frequent. I hope everyone is well and staying safe and healthy. In this post I thought I might introduce you to a classic science fiction film that I love. And no, this is not the one with Keanu Reeves. Until next time,... Continue Reading →

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Hello there readers and film watchers! Meg here and I have returned with a little piece on horror films and specifically the classic Rosemary's Baby. Enjoy. FILM: Title: Rosemary's Baby Date released: 1968 Director: Roman Polanski Writers: Ira Levin (novel); Roman Polanski (screenplay) Considered one of the most ill-fated films in history, it all begins... Continue Reading →

Full Throttle (2019) – Joe Hill

Hello there readers of Mr Pink Ink and a Happy New Year to you all! This is my first post on here in months and I must apologize profusely for the delay. No time for explanations and excuses - onward and upwards and I hope you enjoy my review of this excellently, deliciously spooky collection... Continue Reading →

If Only I Could Tell You…. How disappointed I am. – by #octothorpereaderleorak

If Only I Could Tell You by Hannah Beckerman My Rating: #/5Goodreads Rating: 3.96/5 Published February 21st 2019 by Orion Trigger Warning(s): Life threatening illnessMiscarriageSuicide Synopses: Audrey is fighting an incurable illness, but her greatest fear is not dying. Her greatest fear is dying while her daughters are still estranged, and her granddaughters have never been... Continue Reading →

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