Racing Dogs, Broken Wizards, Steampunk Robots & Summer Love! May 2020 – Monthly #WrapUp

May was going to be a gloriously slow read month, where I grab whichever book I wanted to read at the moment, whether for review or not because it was mood read time (and also the theme of my GoodReads group reading challenge, "Moody May"). That's how May started, anyway; after all the reading I... Continue Reading →

Summer Love & Sea Stars! Blog Tour: Sea Star Summer by Sally Partridge – Book Review #50

** SPOILER ALERT ** SPOILER ALERT ** SPOILER ALERT ** Many thanks to Sally Partridge for reaching out to me and NB Publishers for sending me an eBook copy for review! As a child, me being the oldest of three (a brother and a sister, respectively), we would all take a road trip holiday once... Continue Reading →

Keyflame by Tallulah Lucy – #IndieBlogHop

Synopsis Lilah’s father taught her to be afraid of the world, but now he’s sending her to Grahamstown, a full day’s drive from home, to study. Then he gets into legal trouble and she’s left stranded without a cent. Her classmate, Kalin, steps in to help. He’s argumentative, brooding, and just mysterious enough to be... Continue Reading →

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