Summer Love & Sea Stars! Blog Tour: Sea Star Summer by Sally Partridge – Book Review #50



Many thanks to Sally Partridge for reaching out to me and NB Publishers for sending me an eBook copy for review!

As a child, me being the oldest of three (a brother and a sister, respectively), we would all take a road trip holiday once a year (during summer, because the schools are closed the longest) and visit as many far flung family members as possible on a few tanks of fuel.

“But I suppose that’s what they consider normal. What everyone considers normal.”

My Mother would be planning this for months, getting accommodation with the bigger families (because more space), and would begin nagging us a week before the time to start packing; 2 days before, she would buy all the stuff we need and the day before would make mountains of sandwiches, oceans of boiled eggs and veritable rivers of iced tea – the inevitable “padkos” (directly translated as “road food” which refers to all the munchies and snacks we take along for the journey in order to cut costs on eating at restaurants)!

Then, at  4am we would be harassed out of bed so that we could be on the open road by 5am sharp. Those were the days; and that is exactly why I instantly clicked with this book.

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Sadly, that is where the similarities end – all our family lives inland, so we went to the dams and the lakes, Naomi went to the ocean; I am the oldest of three whereas Naomi is a single child; etc.

Now, I have to put it here, I’m not a big fan of romance novels but this seemed different, somehow? I don’t know… I was kinda rooting for Naomi/Elize to become a thing, already, you know?


I have this little quirk, a little -ism of sorts; I like going into a book blind – apart from reading the blurb (which I promptly forget five minutes later, lol), I hardly read reviews unless I’m very iffy about the book… – so I was pleasantly surprised that Sea Star Summer was LGBTQIA+ themed! It was such a great way to end May!

Although, if I knew beforehand I may have decided to make it my first read for June…

Sea Star Summer has incredibly well written characters, a beautiful setting based on a real South African holiday place, that will sweep you away from the here and now. Beautifully written, Sally’s style smooth and rather elegant, this book also addresses real issues relevant to the youth, especially acceptance and conformity.

“I can’t just make friends. I have to summon all the drama I can, like one of Shakespeare’s witches.”

Sea Star Summer is an often humourous coming of age story and an almost perfect summer romance! The perfect beach read! I totally loved this book and I definitely recommend it.


Read the extract that was published in the Sunday Times


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