#PinkReads- Book Review #033 : Fate Of Dragons by Alisha Klapheke

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Dragons. Elves. And the last surviving human fated to save them from the sea.

A flood is coming. The Sea Queen has a mad plan to drown the world.

Only the magic of the Earth Queen can stop her.

Vahly, the last human, was born to fill that role and wield the magic necessary to fight the rising oceans and save the dragons.

But Vahly is the world’s biggest disappointment. So far, she possesses no magic whatsoever.

When she finds an ancient scroll that mentions a human power ritual conducted deep in the homeland of the elves, she gathers her dragon allies and journeys to see the king of that forest-dwelling race.

Welcomed into a place more lovely than any dream, will Vahly find the truth about her people’s past and wake her magic or will a twisted and powerful elven lord destroy her chance at saving the world?

General Information

  • Genre : Young Adult / Fantasy
  • eBook
  • ASIN : B07Q46FQKG
  • Publisher : Self Published
  • Author : Alisha Klapheke
  • Buy it on Amazon

Fate of Dragons- eBook



Disclaimer: I received a free eBook copy in exchange for an honest review; thank you!

I’ve mentioned previously how much I enjoy discovering new authors, and this is why I love promoting Indie authors, because the thrill of a promising synopsis with a breathtaking cover that promises something enjoyable and entertaining and fun is always worth looking into.

And what a pleasure it always is when you’re not disappointed; even better is when I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s even better than I could have imagined.

This is one of those books and this is one of those authors.

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If you enjoy flowery. elegant writing, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Klapheke’s writing style is solid and confident, even though there are some sentences that seem oddly put together. For the most part, her writing is clear and concise, flowing easily enough to make this an engaging, enjoyable read.

Descriptions of magic are enchanting, battle scenes are well described and the banter between the characters is engaging and en pointe.

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With the sometimes beautiful and often dramatic landscape settings that have been created through the author’s pen, we get the feeling that the landmass to ocean ratio is beyond radical, that only a very small part of the world remains above sea level; very surreal.

The world has been populated by four distinct Races, or Kynd; Dragon, Elf, Sea Folk (Merpeople) & Humans – except that Vahly is the very last Human.

Magic is tied to the four elements with each Kynd having inherent control of an element; Water is the realm of the Sea Folk, while Fire belongs to the Dragons. The Elves manipulate with Air magic and Earth is shaped by the humans.

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Klapheke has created some interesting characters; Valhy, the last remaining Human on a quest to recover her peoples magic; Nyx, a renegade Dragon, a smuggler living outside the confines of her society; Arturus, an Elf suffering gaps in his memories, an enigma that demands unraveling; Ryton, a Sea Folk prince with his own hidden agenda.

I’m excited to see how these characters grow and develop,and how their relationships with mingle and intertwine in further books.


Although far from being a perfect read, Fate Of Dragons has all the elements for an adventurous, enjoyable read; magic, dragons, the chosen one, slow burn romance, intrigue, adventure, merfolk, elves, backstabbing – it’s all here!!!

Until next time…

Keep smiling.






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