Ruby’s Top Five Reads of 2019 (so far)

Hey hey hey everybody. I’m hopping in today to talk about some of my favourite books of the year so far because I’ve read some great ones and I really wanted to share some of the best reads I’ve encountered.

I’ve read some really great books this year but the ones I want to talk about have truly stolen my heart and I am so obsessed with them. So anyways should we just get into it? Yes, I think we shall.

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A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab

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So this book. WOW. I started the first book of the series, A Darker Shade of Magic, ages ago but it took me forever to read. Not because I didn’t like it, I was just never in the mood for it and I kept putting it down and picking it up again later. So it slightly hindered my reading experience of the first one. But I read the second book of the series last December and really loved it but then THIS BOOK. THIS FLIPPING BOOK!!

It’s a very big book, mind you, and I read it super fast. It kept me on my toes the entire time. This series is rich in magic, there are characters travelling between parallel universes and there’s of course magicians. Our main character Kell (who is one of these travelling characters) stumbles upon an item that does not belong in his universe and definitely should not have escaped into his. First off, the writing is absolutely beautiful. VE Schwab just has a way with words and her descriptions are so luscious. These books are just so amazing, the magic system is so cool. And I adore the characters. It is more adult fantasy, the main characters are like 21. So I highly recommend. Truly so amazing, especially this third one, which is obviously my favourite.

I have a little review up on my blog if you were interested in more of my thoughts but beware SPOILERS! Click here.

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Illuminae by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman


Guys! I finally decided to devour this series over the course of like 4 days while I was on holiday and I absolutely ADORED them. This is a young adult sci-fi trilogy set hundreds of years into the future and is told in a mixed-media format like in surveillance camera footage (in words obviously it’s a BOOK people), intercom transcripts, emails, IMs and all other sorts.

And they’re some of the most heart-racing, fast-paced books I’ve ever read. Because of the format, you can really get through them quickly and it’s also just really cool so you fly through easily? It’s about this planet called Korenza that gets attacked by this mysterious organisation and the escapees evacuate to neighbouring shuttles. The first book follows Kady, who is a computer hacker and her boyfriend Ezra, a pilot, and they just recently broke up, but land up messaging back and forth, as they’re on different ships, to try to figure out what happened on their home planet. And if you’re like me and were afraid of sci-fi, this is so action-packed and epic that you’ll immediately love it. It’s absolutely incredible, I adore the characters so freaking much and the format of the book just enhances the experience x10000. It’s so good and I highly recommend.

One of my friends, Tris, who I somehow convinced to read it actually did a Pink Blots review of this one so you can click here for that if you were interested ❤

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Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

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Oh my gosh, THIS BOOK. If you didn’t know I am completely OBSESSED. I truly think about it every day and I want to reread it 24/7.  This book is marvellous and a blessing to all. Rainbow is an actual genius, as it’s basically Drarry fanfiction, and I have nothing but praise.

I adore her style of writing so much, it melts like butter (yes hello food metaphors). The world and spells are so hilarious and absurd but it’s the reason I love it so much. And Simon and Baz are my actual everything. I love them with my entire heart, these idiots just put the biggest smile on the face. It’s also the perfect time to read this one because the sequel is coming later this year and you shouldn’t put it off like I did haha. No, but really don’t put it off because you don’t know what you’re missing, it’s so BRILLIANT.

If you’re interested I have a whole review up over on my blog, so click here if you’d like to take a peep!

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The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken

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We are going to sidestep the fact that I didn’t read this book for an entire year until after it came out, even though I’d started (and devoured) the original trilogy just before with every intention of reading this one too. I legit put this book on my TBR every month and just never got to it? But I finally did. And it was marvellous.

I had my doubts, I thought my love for a particular character had overpowered how genuinely good the book was. Luckily that wasn’t the case. If you haven’t been around, this is the sequel that was published quite some years later after The Darkest Minds series, which is a YA dystopian trilogy. But THIS book focuses on one of the original cast members about five years after the final book. It was a great time, I had lots of anxiety reading this because I was scared for my babies. But so good. I still think this series is brilliant. I may be biased because I love superpowers but they’re just so cool. I really love Alex’s writing style. I loved the new additions to the cast of characters. The plot didn’t stop. If you haven’t started this series, you really should. It doesn’t have the same typical dystopia feeling and it’s just GREAT. This book just left me wanting even more and I so hope Alex has more books for us!

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The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews

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Now this one you probably won’t have heard of this, unless you follow me on any of my social media because I love this book so much. The author you may know over at Paper Fury who I love and Cait is just a splendid human being. But her book is just so pure and has stolen my heart.

It’s about these two brothers who are homeless, Sam and Avery.  Sam is always on the run and breaks into empty houses just to have somewhere to sleep (Avery is all over the place because he has autism), until one day the family whose house he’s staying returns home early and he’s sucked into their family shenanigans. This book is own voices which is really awesome and it truly just steals your heart. I don’t cry easily, especially in books, but I was a sobbing mess. I adore this book with my entire soul and I want everyone to read it because it’s fantastic and brilliant. The characters are amazing and I love all the witty banter (which I’m a sucker for). Cait has such a beautiful writing style. Gahhh I love it so much READ IT NOW!! So underrated and quickly became one of my absolute favourites!

I interviewed Cait a bit earlier this year on my blog so click here if you were interested in that!

Gosh, I’ve read so many phenomenal books this year and as you could tell some of them have completely stolen my heart.

I’d be very interested to know what some of your favourite reads are? Let me know in the comments because I’m always looking for good recommendations.

Have a lovely day and happy reading!

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