The Monster of Selkirk : The Wrath Of Silence by C. E. Clayton – #BookTour


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Desperate to thwart their ultimate foe, Tallis and her army sail for Selkirk. Urban has the advantage, however, as he has the lead and a maniacal determination to unlock a holy power capable of destroying the world. Tallis and Tomas have not stepped foot in Selkirk in over a year, having fled once the elves were free of their madness. Rosslyn had warned them of the growing civil unrest, but it did not prepare them for what they would face upon landfall in Kincardine.

Low on resources, Tallis finds herself caught between two princes vying for the throne, and a cruel queen who is tempted by Urban’s fanatical allure, just as Konrad was. Now, Tallis must convince those who once hunted her to aid her, for if they do not work together, all of Selkirk will burn. Urban is unlike any enemy they have ever faced; he knows all too well what Tallis is capable of, and how to manipulate the venomous voice within her. Everything is at stake for Tallis—the fate of Selkirk, her friends and loved ones, and her own soul. Urban will exploit those perceived weaknesses, making Tallis choose whom to save; for nothing will stop Urban on his quest to bring back his silent god as he enacts the long dreaded prophecy.

Tallis and her friends are coming to the end of their journey, one that will prove to the world once and for all who is the true monster of Selkirk.


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