#PinkReads- Book Review #031 : Time Torn by Ilse V Rensburg

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To protect the people she loves from destruction, Cris Scarlet made the ultimate sacrifice – her life.

Or, at least, she thought she had. After a nuclear war rips apart our world she wakes, alive, to find the veil of time broken but the world as she knows it is gone. Instead, every dream and every nightmare walks around us.

Trapped on a pirate ship, surrounded by a cold-blooded crew and sirens in the ocean around her, it’s up to Cris to discover the truth and restore the veil before time is restored and the world is forever destroyed. But could the crew be something more than she first thought?

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I had the pleasure of reading Ilse’s newest work and, as usual, it does not disappoint; Time Torn, book 1 of the Lost Days saga, sets the tone for the rest of the series and I’m already hooked!

This is the 3rd book from Ilse (excluding any anthologies she may be published in) that I have read and loved!

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that Ilse V Rensburg has become one of my favourite authors; and if you’ve read any of her work, you will understand.

This writing in this book is different to her 2 other novels, each of which have a different style; she seems to be able to add to the story with the way it was written, adding more impact.

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In Time Torn, as the name suggests, a nuclear explosion tears the veil of time and blends together 2 vastly different times – ours and a time long, long ago with Sirens and pirates, gods and monsters; all mythology made real.

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Not only are the main characters well written and well rounded, but Ilse gives character and personality to the creatures of mythology, making them seem more human, yet still vicious and true their natures.


Time Torn is filled with action and adventure, fantastical beasts and pirates and gorgons galore! There is even a budding romance…definitely something for everyone; go get your copy now!

Let us know in the comments below what you thought about this book, or any of Ilse’s other stories – we would love to know! Until next time…

Keep smiling.

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