And Then There Were Ten – #PinkBlots

Many people cross paths each day; some are fleeting glimpses, a spoken word, while others are more lasting, more memorable. But each person we meet, however brief, will change us in small way.

I will always be grateful to each and every friend, acquaintance and passerby in my life – I wouldn’t be who I am today otherwise…

Thus people move on, move forward – ever upward!

It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to Zakiyya, who is mapping out her path through life; and, even though I’m sad, there is also joy in my heart because discovery is a beautiful thing.

We wish you everything of the best on your journey, Zakiyya, and may every door open for you!

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.” 
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Hello! My name is Zakiyya and I am the founder of thebookishnerd blog and bookstagram. Before I get into that, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself. I am South African Indian and a Muslim. I am also a middle child and a student in my final year of high school. I am generally a very optimistic person and quite introverted until you get to know me.

I have been an avid reader since I first learnt how to read and that love for books and words never really went away, if anything it only grew stronger as the years went by and I was exposed to more and more literature. I have also always had a creative spark in me that needs constant nourishment, so I decided to combine two of my favorite hobbies- reading and photography- and thebookishnerd bookstagram was born (almost 3 years ago now!). It is genuinely one of my favorite things to do. I love meeting bookworms from every corner of the world, chatting about books and taking pretty pictures of them.

I mainly read contemporary and YA contemporary which I know really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I’ll be speaking more about why I love the genre so much in my upcoming guest posts right here on Jacques blog. My contributions will be centered around all things contemporary, so stay tuned.

Other than that I enjoy baking and quite naturally writing, even though I’m not very good at it. I might even post some recipes up here once in a while.

A huge thank you to Jacques for asking me to be a contributor. It is such a pleasure to be able to write about something that I’m so passionate about.

Blog | Instagram | Pinterest

Here is a quick link guide to the articles posted by Zakiyya:


The other original members of the Pink Blots. Esli and Glenda, remain on board and are both doing an excellent job with their content!

Category: Children (Girls) | Name : Esli | Country : South Africa | Blog : Insignificant Beauties

Category : Non Fiction | Name : Glenda | Country : America | Blog : All Dragons Read

Change is neither good nor bad, rather the beholder’s mindset that sees it as such – but I am happy to announce that the #PInkBlot family has grown again!

And then there were ten!

To find out all there is to know about each of these lovelies, visit the main Pink Blots page, here, where you will find their full bio’s and all their links.

team - minions

CATEGORY : Eclectic – Horror/Mystery/Thriller/Non Fiction 

Name : Meg | Country : South Africa | Blog 


In real life I am basically, but not strictly, an introverted (and occasionally) extroverted bookworm who lives at the beach but never has a tan. I love dogs of all shapes, sizes, colours and breeds and am most definitely, definitely addicted to caffeine! I am also a huge fan of rock and roll music, and will most assuredly do a couple of reviews of a few rock stars’ memoirs for your reading pleasure.

Writing has always been my passion, and it is also a delightful distraction from the pool of books I constantly swim in as I ran out of bookshelf space a few years and a few hundred books ago.

CATEGORY : Romance

Name : Candice | Country : South Africa | Blog


I am a single mom from Cape Town, South Africa.  I have a teenage daughter (oops, giving away my age) who drives me crazy and keeps me on my toes. I love books, wine, food and the finer things in life (in that order by the way).

This is a new challenge for me and hope that I don’t disappoint. I look forward to sharing my reviews and interacting more with you.

CATEGORY : Contemporary

Name : Lee | Country : South Africa | Blog


I’m a bookworm, word nerd, coffee (and tea) lover, Marvel Cinematic Universe geek, circus aerialist, beginner yogi, vegetarian and puppy-mom (quite a mouthful right!). I love travelling and I am great at multitasking (so I believe).

My mom taught me how to read before I even started first grade and for that I will always be grateful.

Name : Ruby | Country : South Africa | Blog

Carry On photo #PinkBlots bio

I started my blog a few years ago so I could talk about books with other people because in the small town I live in nobody really read anything that I liked to read. Being a teen, my favourite genre is young adult especially urban fantasy which is a fantasy set in our world. But I also have a (large) soft spot for contemporary and middle grade stories. But really all I’m here for is amazing characters that I can cry over forever in the corner of my room.

I hope you enjoy my content and I’m super pleased to be on this lovely team with some of my favourite people.

To find out all there is to know about each of these lovelies, visit the main Pink Blots page, here, where you will their full bio’s and all their links.

CATEGORY : Science Fiction

Name : Triston | Country : South Africa | Blog


I am currently working on getting my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and hope to he a published author one day. I love stories about identity and coming of age, and if there just so happens to be an Apocalypse going on or flying spaceships in the background, I see that as a bonus!

I am book loving nerd, that reads, writes and reviews books!

CATEGORY : Lifestyle

Name : Zukiswa | Country : South Africa | Blog


… and mostly share,
so as with the universe we expand

I find joy in photography
how light plays and changes the narrative
and colour charges with emotions
leaving you contemplative

I’m on a journey
I, the miniscule dot
never knowing, always learning

CATEGORY : Children (Boys) / Historical Fiction

Name : Tams | Country : South Africa | Blog


I’m a stay-at-home mum to a beautiful baby boy.

Historical fiction has been one of my favourite genres for as long as I can remember. My father is a major history buff, and imparted that to me, so I’ve always held an appreciation of and love for historical things.

…it’s really important to us that Larkin grow up with an appreciation for reading…


Name : Mahmooda | Country : South Africa | Blog

I’ve loved books since I was young. I grew up in a world filled with wizards, monsters, fairies and ponies with magical powers. One of my favourite TV characters, Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, have a valedictorian speech in an episode and the opening of her speech summarized my whole life, “ I live in two worlds. One is a world of books.” 

Like my parents always say, they don’t have a favourite child, they love all their kids an equal amount. 

To find out all there is to know about each of these lovelies, visit the main Pink Blots page, here, where you will their full bio’s and all their links.

I am so excited to be working with these amazing people! I’m totally looking forward to their coming posts;I hope you do, too! Until next time…

Keep smiling

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  1. My time as part of #pinkblots, although short, has been lovely. Thank you Jacques for allowing me to be apart of the team. I am proud of the posts I put up here and will always cherish them. I wish you and the team best of luck with everything and look forward to reading all of your wonderful posts! Xx

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