Love Most, Say Least by Jolie Vines – #BookTour

This week on the Indie Blog Hop #BookTour, we cast the spotlight on Love Most, Say Least, Marry The Scot book 2, by Jolie Vines. SYNOPSIS The boy who has everything meets the girl who has nothing...when she nearly runs him over. James Fitzroy's life could be called charmed. With an ancient name and a... Continue Reading →

Illuminae a.k.a the start to an epic space opera series!

"Am I Not Merciful? - AIDEN, Illuminae" Hey guys, and welcome to my first ever #PinkBlot post! Now a lot of you have probably either, read or heard of this series, I mean it is literally hyped everywhere! But the ultimate question is, Is it worth the hype? And I am here to tell you... Continue Reading →

#BookReview: GUARDED DREAMS by LJ Evans

  Synopsis: "Sometimes, reality is better than a dream" Eli dreams about being a US Coast Guard. Ava dreams of being a country music star. These dreams send them careening in different directions and their summer love story is left as a wish that never came true. Four years later, Eli's Coast Guard career is... Continue Reading →

Nonfiction—Adventures in Travel

Here in the States, Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching, giving us a glimpse into the upcoming summer season.  Barbecue grills come out, campers are cleaned and restocked,  and everyone in general begins to plan summer adventures, big and small. One of my favorite things about summertime is traveling.  It doesn't matter if it's a... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were Ten – #PinkBlots

Many people cross paths each day; some are fleeting glimpses, a spoken word, while others are more lasting, more memorable. But each person we meet, however brief, will change us in small way. I will always be grateful to each and every friend, acquaintance and passerby in my life - I wouldn't be who I... Continue Reading →

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