Wings of the Chosen by Dave Heron – Book Tour

This week on the Indie Blog Hop #BookTour, we cast the spotlight on Wings of the Chosen by Dave Heron


A child who has yet to draw his first breath becomes the obsession of an unknown entity; a powerful being who seeks to claim the thrones of both Heaven and Hell as its own and unleash Armageddon upon the mortal realm. Haunted by visions of its own undoing, this usurper will stop at nothing to eradicate the one responsible; this mortal child.

Bishop, the Archwarrior, is declared the guardian of this unborn child, though he doesn’t quite understand why he is tasked with such a role. But when forces rise from the depths of Hell, Bishop, along with his Warrior Angel siblings, quickly learn that this child is hunted by the usurper, who seeks not only the boy’s death, but the demise of any who protect him.

One fateful night, Max Harper’s story begins.

wings of the chosen

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