Stories : Finding Your Wings by Heidi Allen – #BookTour

This week on the Indie Blog Hop #BookTour, we cast the spotlight on Stories : finding Your Wings by Heidi Allen, founder of the Positive People Army. SYNOPSIS This incredible anthology is sure to inspire! The stories are simple—yet powerful—vignettes of Heidi’s life that perfectly illustrate the magnitude of results when one chooses positivity. The... Continue Reading →

My fave YA contemporary authors

As I mentioned in my last post(Contemporary: A gem hidden in plain sight), YA contemporary can be enjoyable if done right. Some authors have a knack for writing contemporary novels that are compelling, meaningful, unique and more than just cute. They mange to integrate thoughtful and important messages into their books that will leave any... Continue Reading →

#PinkBakes – Crustless Milk Tart

Another South African favourite is the humble Milk Tart; a smooth, creamy custard-like dessert made from milk, eggs, sugar and flour, traditionally made in a pastry crust, and is the English word for Melktert (Afrikaans). Make one big tart if you want to make this for your family or make little individual tarts if you're... Continue Reading →

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