#PinkReads – Book Review #017 : Running With The Wolves by J E Reed


Ten realms will test everything.

For two years she led an alliance, forming bonds with people from around the world—but someone was watching. Chronopoint was only meant to be a game, until she found herself trapped in that world.

Fighting to survive, Kiuno discovers she’s not the only player who has been thrown into this strange land. Hideous, twisted monsters only seen in nightmares plague their every move. Untold powers lie at the hands of the chosen and flames dance at her fingertips.

Can Kiuno find the players from her alliance or will she be too late and discover death has taken far more than she ever imagined?

General Information

  • Genre : Fantasy
  • eBook : 296 pages
  • ISBN : 9781947727311 (Paperback)
  • Publisher : BHC Press
  • Author : J E Reed




Running with the Wolves is book 1 in J E Reed’s The Chronopoint Chronicles and has been dubbed as Ready Player One meets The Hunger Games and, let me tell you, it certainly is one hella good read!

In my previous posts I’ve been waxing lyrical about meeting new authors and I am very glad that I found her; or she found me; or we found each other. This is another author to add onto your “To Watch” list and I feel more great things will be coming from Jessica’s pen.

As with all things new, I find that sometimes there are hidden challenges that one must become accustomed to; in this case, it was Jessica’s writing style.

Don’t get me wrong; Jessica’s style is certainly unique and not reminiscent of any other writer – that for me is a total plus; innovate, don’t emulate! J E Reed doesn’t add unnecessary words in order to move the story forward, but I had to adapt slightly to grasp how her time jumps flowed – but that didn’t take me too long and I was soon gobbling the pages like a kid with stolen candy!

Searing rage tore through Kiuno’s body, lighting her veins on fire.
The magic pulsated like she’d never felt before and instantly she knew.
This is what it meant to be uncontrollable. This was the fire they
all feared.

The world of Chronopoint is not only vast in scope but it is also multilayered (10 realms) which increases the size exponentially! It has been really well written drawing the readers imagination to beautiful vistas, treacherous terrain, and dangerous creatures.

PicsArt_10-03-04.42.36Each realm has similarities and differences – which makes for better reading, I think… if the realms repeated the terrain over and over, I feel it would have more of a “time loop” feel to it ( trek for days, reach the portal; trek for day, reach the portal).

Chronopoint has been populated with fantastic beasts and not so fantastic people – diversity is the spice of life, after all.

The magic system is still a bit of a mystery, hopefully becoming clearer as the story continues, because people seem to get it randomly as they enter Chronopoint. The characters all wake up with no memory and a bracelet on their wrist; their gaming names are engraved on the inside and the colour of the stone determines a) whether or not you are a magic user, and b) what type of magic you possess.

Magic seems to be elemental based, ie. water, earth, air, fire, etc but more details will hopefully be revealed in the next book.

Jessica has written some really amazing characters, especially the characters the story centers around. But Kiuno is just fantastic and I think she’ll become one of my all-time favourite female characters.

Kiuno is brave, and clever, and wise; she is like a whirlwind that seems to thrive on pure instinct! She is vulnerable and delicate, yet strong of will and flexible in thought. A badass femme fatale that remains true to herself and her beliefs by taking things one day at a time in order to attain the goals she sets for herself.

If you are a fan Aelin Galathynius / Calaena Sardothien, you’re going to fall head overPicsArt_10-03-04.41.51 heels in love with Kiuno – guaranteed!

What I didn’t like: I sometimes got the feeling that things were a little rushed, as far as their journey goes; I also felt a lack of things happening when they reached places where the reader thinks, “OMG, what’s gonna happen now?” Also, I feel the first book is a little short; with only 296 pages, I could happily have read at least a hundred more.

This book will give you all the feels!!! I laughed a little and I cried a little more (WARNING By the end of chapter 16 you will be ugly crying WARNING).

This book is full of adventure, magic, amazing characters on an incredible journey; fast paced and action packed. This is pure Fantasy at it’s best!! I honestly cannot wait for the next book in the series!!

Whether you’re a fantasy freak or a young adult lover, even if you like a good thriller / mystery, I definitely, highly recommend giving this book a read!!


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Many thanks to J E Reed for providing me with a copy of her ebook in exchange for my honest opinion.

Special thanks to Maria Vermisoglou, a fellow reviewer, for allowing me to use one of her favourite quotes from this book.

As always, I’d love to hear from you; have you read Running with the Wolves? Does this sound like something you’d read? Did you enjoy this post? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on any of my other platforms for a chat.

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