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‘Emily A. Reilly is a talented writer, Saving Ivy is one of those books that you just can not put down, you have to find out what is going to happen next! Then, the ending is not what you are expecting, I love this book and can not wait for Emily A. Reilly to write more!!!’ -Jones

WARNING: This book contains material relating to sexual assault, suicide and violence which may be triggering to some.


Ivy Hazeldine is a 15-year-old girl who lived in a small town named, Stowe. Her family wasn’t perfect, but she managed to be happy. Unfortunately one day after school, her life took a tragic turn. She found out her mother had been brutally murdered. And unsurprisingly, things only got more complicated when she found out who the murderer was.

Ivy was sent to live with her Aunt Wiley. They both hoped time would heal Ivy’s pain, but they were wrong. The pain was still withering through her bones and her life only got more problematic. The people in her town harassed her for the gory details of her family’s past, made up horrifying stories about her and broke her until she couldn’t take anymore.

She was on a desperate mission to get out of her town and away from the spotlight. But truthfully, it was her distasteful thoughts that pushed her over board. They took over her body and forced her to act on things she never dreamt of doing. And, while Ivy wanted out, Aunt Wiley did everything to make her stay. Were Aunt Wiley’s efforts to help Ivy see the silver lining in her tragic life enough?

‘Fantastic read. Starts thrilling, ends thrilling with many twists and turns throughout. Definitely worth reading to find out what they are!’- Loco_Mango


My name is Emily Reilly, author of Saving Ivy. I am an emerging artist out of savingivyMassachusetts. Over the past few years, I have found a great deal of satisfaction by creating intense and suspenseful stories. I enjoy cultivating work that will inspire and resonate with people across the globe. When I’m not writing, I am spending time with my long time boyfriend and our dog Rusty. We enjoy our free time taking Rusty to play fetch, going on walks by the ocean and going on hikes, especially after our weekly splurge at our favorite restaurant! If you would like to follow my journey alongside with me, follow @inspiredbybookss on instagram!


‘I haven’t read many books where the narrative came from both the protagonists and the antagonist which made it interesting to read. Saving Ivy is simply written without much scene description but it has masses of dialogue, which I personally like. Rather than try to shock or have huge plot twists, Reilly deals with the loss of a loved one and the emotion turmoil that goes with it. It feels like it was written by a young author, even when the narrative is coming from an older character. I applaud this young indie and hope that she takes another look at this story when she has more experience to put some deeper perspective.’ Claire H.

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