#ThePinkMailbox : Princess Candle Box from The Wizardry Box

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl

I love candles! I absolutely, positively love candles!! However, regardless of how much I love them, I hate actually burning them…. I know!

Seeing all those bookish candles on #Bookstagram, knowing that I probably wouldn’t be able to buy any of them, really made my heart sore – I was so depressed. Imagine my delight (I cannot explain it in words) when Hayley announced that she was making candles!!!

Not only was I able to get that which has always been elusive, but she also hails from my home town, Cape Town!

But, Hayley didn’t just stick with candles; she curated mind blowing themed boxes, too! I started buying her products from the beginning (not all of them unfortunately…) and I even won her very first giveaway (which was awesome!); all I can say is that she never disappoints!!!

The Princess Candle Box is one of Hayley’s newest products and it is perfection in a box!!

The contents included:

  • Fridge Magnet – “When the moment is right confess your love.” Quote from Lumiere (Beauty & the Beast)
  • Wide / Thick Bookmark – “Some people are worth melting for.” Quote from Olaf (Frozen)
  • 4x 4oz soy wax candles

ARIEL: Purple; smells like Ocean Breeze and Coconut!

BELLE: Orange; smells like Rose and Old Books!

MERIDA: Turquoise & Green; smells like Berries of the Forest – this one made my mouth water!

SNOW: Red; smells like Sweet Apple – someone get me a spoon!

I love these colourful tins; they are sturdy and well made with no sharp edges to cut your hands or fingers. Matching the colour to each Princess is a nice touch.



There are so many products available by so many artists & creative from the USA or the UK, but we have our own super talented people right here on our doorstep. Hayley is now collaborating with local artists and designers to produce Proudly South African products!! To learn more about the artists she is working with, head over to her Instagram page here.


  • Hayley announced the first Wizardry Box for 2018 on Friday past and it SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!
  • Hayley sponsored one of her beautiful Mermaid Tears candles for my 1K Giveaway on Instagram last year and I can never thank her enough!
  • She also has a Book Review account! Click here.
  • She ships INTERNATIONALLY too!
  • Shop NOW!

Speaking only for myself (but I’m sure that I am not alone) this box is simply beautiful!! Girls of all ages will squeal over the contents!!!

I would also like to a see a follow up on this theme, there are still so many princesses, with another box or two; and maybe even a spinoff box featuring the villains!! Like Ursula (Black, smells like ink and death, lol) and Jafar (Purple, smells like arrogance and greed, lol). Wouldn’t that be awesome?



As always, your feedback is appreciated so share you thoughts with me; comment below if you enjoyed this post, or not, lol. Don’t forget to like and share this post; why not follow / subscribe while you’re here?

Until next time…

Keep smiling



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