#ThePinkPages : Episode 2 – Quick Thinking

  You always hear people saying that when you start to write, to "write what you know", right? So my next installment is based on a true story. QUICK THINKING Click. Argh, another stupid waste of my time! Here I sit, at my desk, in the big open plan office – the Control Room, if you... Continue Reading →

Book Review #003 : The Millenium Trilogy By Stieg Larsson & Why I Don’t Want To Continue Reading It

SPOILER WARNING! This post assumes that you've already read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and contains spoilers! SPOILER WARNING!  As a girl, she was legal prey, especially if she was dressed in a worn black leather jacket and had pierced eyebrows, tattoos and zero social status. Synopsis The Industrialist: Henrik Vanger, head of the... Continue Reading →

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